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 Let us be your IT department. We can handle all of your  maintainance, update, and virus/spyware/adware removal needs. Service contracts are available to fit any need or budget.

Need a failed component replaced? Time for a hardware or software upgrade? Maybe it's time for a whole new system or systems. We can take care of all your hardware needs.

Maybe you need network connectivity. Perhaps you need to expand your existing network, or add wireless capability. Let our network professionals take care of it for you. 




We offer in home virus/spyware/adware removal, component replacement and upgrade. SOHO networking is available to let you get the most from your equipment.

If we do need to take your computer in for service, pick up and delivery is free in most cases.

Time for a new system?  Let us design one to suit your needs, everything you need without all the fluff of off the shelf systems.


Web Design



If you have been considering a web site for your family or business, but have no idea where to start, let AEG Computers lead you through all of the steps necessary to get you on the web.  Here are some of the design and publishing elements to be considered during the design process.


The overall theme of your site will depend on the mood that you want to project.  Backgrounds, buttons, colors, etc. are part of your theme, and combine to tell visitors to your site who you are.  In the initial design process, AEG will evaluate your needs and suggest one or two themes for your approval.  AEG offers two kinds of themes.

Standard Themes

Standard themes are provided by major software companies.  They are professionally designed and attractive.  There is a standard theme to fit any mood.

Custom Themes

Custom themes can be designed by AEG to give a more individual look and feel to web site.  There are additional costs for this design process.

 Images and Graphics

Pictures are an excellent aid in delivering your message. Here are some elements to consider.


Clipart is available to fit the mood and message of almost any page.  Clipart can be very effective and is usually the most economical approach.

Image Files

Image files from any source can be used to create a more professional style.  These can be provided by you, scanned from your pictures and brochures, or supplied by AEG through digital photography.

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